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September 29th - October 15th

The Cat and the Canary


By John Willard

Adapted to the stage and Directed by J. D. Mizikowski


Natalie Waddell-Rutter  * Matt Dante * Ben Robson Robin Baranski * Christine Pawlowski * Daniel Stripp Andrew Heidt * Tori Snyder *  Erica Stripp

The family of Ambrose West attends a reading of his will at midnight; just 20 years after his death.

His will designates that Annabelle West is his sole heir if there is no indication that she suffers from insanity. Should she be unsound of mind, a second will is to be opened naming a different heir.


The family tries to unbalance Annabelle with tales of  lunatics, murders, and death strikes.


All of the heirs are suspected, but not until the last minute is the extraordinary mystery solved.

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