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Cast List: The Cat and the Canary

First thank you to everyone who auditioned. We have give you the usual about how difficult it is casting a show, and how everyone can be used. Well it's all true we could have cast it it a number of ways, and there are a number of factors that go into casting.

Just know if you didn't make it, don't stop auditioning, A3 will have a number of opportunities next season so keep an eye out next year. For those cast we will be reaching out to you shortly .-J.D Mizikowski and Char

Mrs. Pleasant-Natalie Waddell-Rutter

Roger Crosby- Matt Dante

Harry Blythe-Ben Robson

Cicily Young-Robin Baranski

Susan Sillsby-Christine Pawlowski

Charlie Wilder-Daniel Stripp

Paul Jones-Andrew Heidt

Annabelle West-Victoria Snyder

Hendricks-Erica Stripp

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