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AUDITIONS!  For All An Act Theatre’s production of the hilarious farce “Charley’s Aunt” by Brendan Thomas.

Directed by David W. Mitchell and Larry Lewis


Sun March 17 and Mon March 18 at 7 PM (Please be prompt!)

at All An Act Theatre – 652 West 17tth Street, Erie.  

Cold readings provided.


 Performance dates: April 26 – May 19


 Needed: 6M/ 4 F  Character descriptions below. Please direct any questions to :

Charles (“Charley”) Wykeham: (20’s) An Oxford undergraduate student, Charley is in love with Amy Spettigue.

Jack Chesney: (20’s) An Oxford undergraduate student and Charley’s friend, Jack is in love with Kitty Verdun.

Colonel Sir Francis Chesney: (40+)  Jack Chesney’s father, Colonel Chesney is visiting his son at Oxford. He first falls for Charley’s aunt’s money, but then makes another discovery.

Stephen Spettigue: (40+) Amy’s uncle and Kitty’s guardian, Spettigue is a greedy and irritable solicitor, the “villain” of the story.

Lord Fancourt Babberley “Babbs”: (20’s) An Oxford undergraduate student and Charley and Jack’s friend, Babbs grudgingly plays a part in Jack and Charley’s ruse by impersonating Charley’s aunt. He falls in love with Ela.

Brassett: (40+) Jack’s manservant.

Donna Lucia d’Alvadorez: ( 30 +) Charley’s wealthy aunt from Brazil, “where the nuts come from.”

Kitty Verdun: (20’s) Mr. Spettigue’s ward, Kitty is in love with Jack.

Amy Spettigue: (20’s) Mr. Spettigue’s niece, Amy is in love with Charley.

Ela Delahay: (20s)  An orphan, Ela is the adopted niece and traveling companion of Donna Lucia d’Alvadorez. She is loved by Babbs.

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