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The Footlights Theatre Program


For complete information about this year's Footlights Theatre Program visit the official website at


The Footlights Theatre Program was initiated in 1974  (back then it was called Students Summer Theater) by The Erie School District and City of Erie Parks and Recreation Department.


It was developed as a vehicle to teach area youth about musical theatre through the production of a full-length musical show. The program is now produced by All An Act Theatre Productions and collectively sponsored by The City of Erie Parks and Recreation Department,\ The Erie School District, and All An Act Theatre Productions.


This year, the program will allow up to 125 area children, ages 6-18, to audition, rehearse, and perform a full-length musical show that is free to the community, while learning about theatre in the process.


Everyone involved is like family. They return year after year to work hard, act, dance, and sing... in 90o weather, simply for the fun, satisfaction, and experience of doing a show!!!  I can guarantee that in 10 years, any two students who meet on the street, will laugh and reminisce about what fun they had!!!!  ...And so the program continues to grow and touch more and more young people ...and their parents... and, God-willing, their  kids will be able to enjoy the benefits of The Footlights Theatre Program in the future.



Forty-three years is truly a milestone in a time where programs for the Arts are usually cut instead of continued. Many of these children may never do theatre again. Some may go on to pursue it on a community, semi-professional, or professional level. Some may be content to simply remain an audience member. Whatever the case may be, they will take this experience with them, and remember for the rest of their lives the three nights one summer, where they got to be a star.


For the complete History of the program   Click Here

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